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About the Fellowship

Howton U. is starting a fellowship that will create a platform for HBCUs to work with entertainment professionals, providing opportunities for current students to gain hands on experience on a television production and build their networks of contacts in the entertainment industry.  The show would also increase positive exposure for HBCUs and the culture. The Howton U. project would serve the HBCU community in various ways; two of them being creative contributions and the building of relationships that may assist students in becoming entertainment giants of the future.

This fall, creator Ashford J. Thomas, will be doing a college tour to help get the word out about the fellowship.  This will consist of having a screening of the show on various HBCU campuses around the country recording students’ reactions to the show as testimonials and gauging student interest in the fellowship. Also, we would love for people take to social media and work together to promote #SupportHowtonUFellowship to gain notoriety about this phenomenal project.  Everyone can be a part in making the project come to life.  The change starts with us; the power is within the numbers. Be sure to tell your local College/University SGA and radio station that you want Howton U. to come your school this semester.


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